Friday, 4 February 2011

Pie Shed

Pie Shed: where people eat pie, in a shed. We make pie, people eat pie, everyone brings a thing, no cash changes hands. Simples.

Our inaugural pie shed involved a splendid beast made from beef, ale and aubergines, and a veggie number along these lines which even the beefies declared a fine specimen of pastry-topped goodness. Pots of herby mash, two types of gravy, bowls of buttery green cabbage and honey drizzled carrots completed our pie-fest.

Attendees eat for free, but they have to bring something into the mix. And by golly they did well. Our guests brought:

* a scrummy handmade rhubarb and strawberry cordial
*12 individual lemon possets set in dinky little espresso cups, the latter of which was gifted to us. Lovely! The possets were finished with a strip of zingy homemade candid lime, and were absolutely delicious. Kavey needs to share her recipe...
* an outstanding home-made banana cake - the best I've tasted - and a bottle of Champagne to ring in the Vietnamese New Year
* mountains and mountains of fabulous quality cheese, posh biscuits, oatcakes, good bread and fine French plonk.

And last, but by no means least....this!
My very own branded apron!! Bloody brilliant. Thank you Gail, I love love love it.

Cheers to our lovely guests, we had a wonderful night. Roll on #pieshed mk II...


  1. Hooray! I'd heard about the Apron - so cool!

    But who ate all the pies - ie pictures of the food, hmm?

  2. Embarrassingly none of my pictures are recognisably of pie... I was too busy eating. Story of my life. The BEEF pie (with pastry letters) was great - but even as a confirmed carnivore I thought the veggie one was fabulous V glad you like the apron - think I missed the memo about bringing something edible, whoops!

  3. Love this - kind of an old fashioned concept, alive and well in the Shed. All is well with the world.

  4. Was SUCH a lovely evening!
    Mmm Pie!
    Worthy of Weebl & Bob, for sure!
    I am home from weekend away and will check photos for you, see if I have any of pie. And will put up the lemon posset recipe too.
    Not been feeling well today so not done anything, not even a bit of blogging.

  5. It was such a great evening! Both my husband and I enjoyed it very much, food and chat and atmosphere...Thanks Nicola for your yummy pies, and for help changing my opinion about it as I was not a pie fan 'til the day. Thanks everyone for delicious food and drink you brought.

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